SOLN1-10 Kit: Compact Solar & USB Power


The SOLN1-10 kit makes a very light, compact and portable solar generator.  It will very quickly charge USB devices like your phone, GPS, camera etc.  You can also use the included USB LED bulbs to light up your habitat for hours on end after nightfall.  It charges fast, is easy to setup and will provide you with energy independence.

The SOLN1-10 includes the needed accessories to quickly setup a USB solar generator.  You choose and purchase the USB power bank separately.  We suggest a USB power bank in the 10,000-20,000 mAh range. Look under the product description for customer suggested USB power banks. Everything else you will need is included in the kit.  Assembly time is around 5 minutes.

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All of these projects are hand assembled prototypes and are sold in “as is” condition.  These are not factory manufactured, but rather DIY projects using many off the shelf components in unorthodox and potentially dangerous ways.  It is the user’s responsibility to research, understand and assume complete responsibility prior use.

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Product Description

This small camping/travel solar USB charging kit features high power USB charging for everything from GPS to your phone and tablets.

Included in the kit:

10W 5V Solar Panel (Dimensions: 17&7/8″” – 6&3/4″)

2 USB Light Bulbs


Short Micro USB Power Cable

Adhesive Backed Cable Clip

3M Heat Resistant Fastener

Customer Suggested USB Power Banks: